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Bushmaster Is One of the City of Flagstaff’s Three Major Regional Parks

One of Flagstaff’s three major regional parks is Bushmaster Park. Bushmaster is located on the east side of Flagstaff, west of Fanning Drive, north of Route 66 and south of Lockett. Its official address is 3150 N. Alta Vista. Bushmaster is one of over twenty-four parks Playground Equipment at Bushmaster Park in Flagstaffmaintained by the City of Flagstaff.

Bushmaster is a great facility not only for the eastside neighborhoods, but also for the entire city. When the grandkids visit and we do our rounds of city parks for playground equipment, Bushmaster is always a favorite. In addition to the array of playground equipment, there are lighted tennis courts, a sand volleyball court, lighted basketball courts, picnic ramadas, permanent restrooms, a skate park, horseshoe courts, and a dog park (aka, “bark park”).