When a buyer is purchasing a home in Arizona they receive a 10 day inspection period.  This is the time the buyer has to complete any inspections that will make them confident in moving forward with their purchase.  As REALTORS® we have always recommended a general home inspection and a pest inspection.  Over the last few years, however, we have started recommending a third inspection that most people are not familiar with.  This is a radon inspection.

Radon is a radioactive, colorless, odorless, tasteless noble gas, occurring naturally as a decay product of radium and uranium.  Radon gas has become a lot more prevalent in Flagstaff.  What makes radon so scary?  Well if it is breathed in for a long period of time it can harm lung tissue and cause cancer. Click Here to hear a story recently published on KNAU.

If your home does have radon gas present there is a fix for it.  Air quality companies can install a system that produces constant air flow in your home.  This issue hits close to home for The Flagstaff Elite Team. Eric recently purchased a home, and when tested the level was above 14.0 picocuries per liter.  A safe level is under 4.0 pCI/L. A system was installed in Eric’s house and now his levels read at 2.2 pCI/L which can put him and his family at ease.

As buyer’s agents we want to be sure you are completely comfortable with your purchase and we are going to warn you of all the possible negatives.  We are not trying dissuade anyone from buying a home, we just want to be sure there are no surprises later.  So if you or someone you know is looking to buy a home please Contact Us and know that you are hiring some of the most knowledgeable agents in the business!