As a homeowner there are a lot of ways you can save when comes to filing your taxes. We will preface by saying that we are not accountants but we can make you aware of some things you can write off if you are a homeowner. The most substantial write off is the interest you pay on your mortgage, whether it be paid throughout the year, or prepaid when you closed on your loan. You can also write off the Private Mortgage Insurance that was paid throughout the year. Depending on your region, there are certain tax breaks that you can get for energy efficient upgrades. Please click the link below for a more in depth article from www.HouseLogic.com.



If you closed on a home in 2015 you will want some paperwork to show your accountant. There are items on your HUD-1 closing statement that you may be able to deduct. Give us a call at (928) 714-0001 and we can provide these forms to you. Also, keep an eye on your mailbox, as your mortgage company should be sending you end of the year statements.

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