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Native American Heritage Day

Get a different experience this ‘black friday’ by visiting the Museum of Northern Arizona’s Native American Heritage Day. New jewelry/art for sale, tours, displays, and more are all part of the celebration!


Turkey Predictor Run


On Thanksgiving Day the Northern Arizona Trail Runner’s Association is hosting their 35th Annual Turkey Predictor Run, starting at Buffalo Park at 8am. Prizes are awarded to runners who guess their run time the most accurately . . . no watches on the run allowed!

Thanksgiving Champagne Brunch


Celebrate Thanksgiving dinner in style without the cooking! The DoubleTree at Hilton Hotel is hosting a delicious brunch with seafood, turkey, desserts, and (of course) champagne. Learn prices and details at Doubletreeflagstaff.com.

Shimmy Cafe



Come to Bookman’s Cafe and enjoy free Turkish Egyptian and Tribal Belly dance, all performed by local dancers. This event is perfect for the whole family. Visit Shimmy Cafe for details.


Running Buddy Fundraiser


This November 23 and 30 is your chance to help pet pals in need while running/hiking! Second Chance Shelter for Animals is partnering with Run Flagstaff for this exciting event, featuring light evening running with some four-legged running buddies. All abilities are welcome! Visit Flagstaff 365 to learn more.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for all our great clients and friends . . . please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have about buying or selling a home.